Reversing The Charges

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The city of St. Paul billed property owners $140,000 to clear out the destroyed Sports Dome in May after riots ripped through the city. Now owners of a destroyed property are receiving heft bills from the city that they cannot pay.

To clean up the damage, the city sent out demolition crews of its own volition. The bills were sent to property owners who neither approved this work, nor the hefty price tag. Many property owners do have insurance, but not this much!

The Costs

What is a property owner to do? They could have paid demo costs themselves for far cheaper had they known the bill they would get. Contractors themselves acknowledged that their demo prices surged for these crises, sometimes because government rules require them to treat debris from fire damage as hazardous, which can increase costs.

But these fees are exorbitant for business owners who are already hurting enough! Some property owners are considering contacting the state Attorney General to report these outrageous and unduly onerous bills.

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