Some Adults Have a Fear Of Needles

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Aichmophobia. This is the fear of sharp, pointy objects, including needles. This fear contributes to vaccine hesitancy in adults and children alike.

Perhaps a “vaccine patch” may help. Scientists are working on just such a thing. It is a small sticker-type patch, like the thing you put on the legs of your furniture so they don’t scratch your floors. They have tiny needles that only penetrate the surface layer of the skin rather than one big one that goes all the way in. The medicine is administered through the skin’s immune cells and some studies show that they can be up to 50 times more effective.

Vaccine patches do not need refrigeration like the Covid vaccines and can be delivered to medical offices a whole lot easier.

Researchers are now working on 3D printing these patches in order to manufacture them in large quantities. They are hoping that patients find them a lot less scary than a needle. What do you think? Could this be a far better incentive to vaccinate than a Snoopy Bandaid and a lollipop?

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