Sorry Folks, The Park’s Closed. The Moose Out Front Should’ve Told You

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We’re sorry to inform you that natural park vacations are not an original idea this year. In fact, natural parks are overrun by people who might have thought that it was a safer way to travel in the twilight of the pandemic.

National parks are reporting people waiting in hours-long lines in their cars just to get through the gates – presumably with running air conditioning. According to the Wall Street Journal, last week a wildfire spread because a man-made campfire was left unattended.

The towns around these natural reserves are happy to welcome the tourism dollars but frustrated with the graffiti, trash and illegal parking habits of newcomers. Sadly there is not enough park staff to keep up. The Biden administration has proposed a budget increase for state parks, which could bring back over 1,000 employees.

This does not sound like a fun family vacation. If you do get stuck in any of these hellish lines, might we suggest the Potette? Our children are past potty training but we still keep this in the car for emergencies!



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