Starvation in Afghanistan

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Children are starving in Afghanistan. The United Nations says that more than 1.1 million children under the age of 5 will face “the most severe form of malnutrition this year.”

Western forces left Afghanistan last year and the government immediately fell into the hands of the Taliban. Aid programs have been able to keep people alive up until now but barely.

Draught has plagued Afghanistan so food imports are crucial. There is also a lack of access to clean water and medical care. Mothers cannot breastfeed when they themselves are malnourished. Baby formula? Well you know the story there.

Children are being diagnosed with what is called “severe wasting.” According to UNICEF, it is the “most lethal type of malnutrition, in which food is so lacking that a child’s immune system is compromised.”

Yet according to the United Nations, industrialized nations waste 670 million tons of food per year. This is not a supply problem. It’s a distribution problem. Meanwhile, the Western world is doling out the cash for weapons galore. And children are literally wasting. It makes the chocolate story below seem quite irrelevant, doesn’t it?

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