Stop Raking The Yard

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Fall is here for the Northern Hemisphere, which means lovely weather, rich colors, and falling leaves. But for people with yards, those falling leaves can mean hours of back-breaking raking.

Well, you can put that rake away!

Experts say that raking and bagging up leaves isn’t great for the yard or for the planet. Leaves can serve as fertilizer for trees and shrubs, choking out weeds and other unwanted plant life. Leaves can also be homes for little woodland creatures, which ups your chances of having a Snow White moment, so everyone wins.

Bagging up the leaves for the dump adds another layer of bad. The EPA reports that landfills saw about 10.5 million tons of yard waste in 2018. Leaves and other bagged organic matter can break down to form greenhouse gases.

Leaf-blowers aren’t a great solution. Not only are they THE LOUDEST THINGS IN THE WORLD, they can clog up city drains and local rivers.

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