Supply Chain Slowdown Part Deux

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War in Russia + Covid lockdowns in China = Renewed concern about supply chain.

We are sorry to say but that is true. According to Wired, “More than a million containers due to travel to Europe from China by train—on a route that goes through Russia—must now make their journey by sea as sanctions bite. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also severed key supply lines for nickel, aluminum, wheat, and sunflower oil, causing commodity prices to skyrocket. Countries in the Middle East and Africa that rely on produce from Ukraine are likely to experience serious food shortages in the coming weeks and months. Some European automotive production lines have cut their output due to a shortage of wiring normally sourced from factories in Ukraine. If the pandemic, which triggered a surge in purchasing of goods, caused the global supply chain to buckle, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s continuing zero-Covid policy risk breaking it completely.”

Maybe that is why “doomsday prepping” is no longer considered a crazy thing to do. According to experts, it used to be something that right-wing older men did. Now it applies to anyone who knows to keep extra dried goods around and change their lives to not rely on the global supply chain. The term now applies to younger people and more women than ever. It can encompass anyone who gardens, owns solar panels or has an earthquake kit.

Given the above story about the supply chain, the thought of an underground bunker full of food isn’t so funny anymore is it?

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