Test-Free Admissions


“UC will continue to practice test-free admissions now and into the future.” – University of California Provost Michael Brown.

That’s right – the nine undergraduate campuses that make up the University of California will not require test results for admissions.

UC took the first step last year by knocking out SAT and ACT score requirements, which critics say discriminate against marginalized students. The university considered finding an alternative test or creating their own, but they realized that someone’s ability to spend lots of money on tutoring (to be able to know what the sentence structure of x+y = z is) doesn’t tell them how you’ll do in college.

(I may have scored pretty low on my own SATs.)

This is becoming a trend that I am all for, and not just because of my history. This year, FairTest found that 75% of U.S. four-year colleges and universities do not require SAT or ACT results for admission, so let’s hope the trend continues!

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