Texas Abortion Ban

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The Supreme Court will allow the near-total abortion ban in Texas to stand, but they’ve set oral arguments for November 1. According to judicial analyst Steve Vladeck, this is the fastest turnaround for the Court (from agreeing to the case to hearing oral arguments) since 2000. The law bans abortions after six weeks before many know they are pregnant.

The Court will focus on the law itself, which bars Texas officials from enforcing the ban and places the power in private citizens’ hands. Under the law, any citizen from anywhere can bring a civil suit against anyone who helps an abortion move forward after the six-week mark.

Justice Sotomayor was the lone dissenter in the decision to keep the law in effect while SCOTUS reviews the case. “Women seeking abortion care in Texas are entitled to relief from this Court now,” she wrote. “Because of the Court’s failure to act today, that relief, if it comes, will be too late for many. Once again, I dissent.”

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