The Dollar Gets Punched in the Mouth

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The US dollar is worth less and less these days as the European Union gets its act together with a pandemic relief fund and the US does, the opposite of that.

On Tuesday the dollar was down 0.7% compared to the Euro. One Euro will now get you about 86 cents, which is low. Earlier in the year when the economy was on a surer foot, the Euro and dollar were nearing equal one-to-one values but the pandemic and the differing responses have sent one up and one down sadly.
It will continue

Analysts do not expect that the dollar will climb its way out any time soon. The US Treasury continues to lower interest rates so making money on those dollars will decline and the political in-fighting is causing the economy to sink precipitously, no matter what the stock market might indicate. Some say that the Euro could hit $1.17 by the end of the year. It is currently $1.15.

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