The Environmental Un-Protection Agency

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Buckle up for another everything-is-toxic story.

A whistleblower has accused the Environmental Protection Agency of removing information about a carcinogen from a paint. In fact, the whistleblower points out that this chemical has never been assessed for human safety at all yet it is in oh-so-many household products.

A toxicologist says that they submitted a report about a new paint on the market and found that half of the product’s weight came from a chemical called parachlorobenzotrifluoride, or PCBTF. The researcher says that their supervisor removed that information from the final report on the paint so the public had no way to know that PCBTF is a known carcinogen.

PCBTF is in many products such as ink, finishes, primer, graffiti remover, paint, steel, concrete and garage floors. The EPA promotes PCBTF because it is easier on the ozone layer than other solvents but it has been used since the 1960s, before the Toxic Substances Control Act was passed so it has never been properly tested for human safety. It was grandfathered in!

The EPA says that it did nothing wrong in handling this report but acknowledges that many chemicals grandfathered in from the 1976 law “may pose risks.” Oh yeah????

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