The Hydrogen Bubble

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Hydrogen fuel could help solve the climate crisis. But it might be a fake solution.

The problems come when converting hydrogen into something we can use to fuel cars and power homes.

Right now, there are several different ways to make hydrogen:

  • Gray Hydrogen – This is the way we get most hydrogen today. Gray hydrogen is made by heating natural gas, which releases a buttload of carbon dioxide into the air. Carbon dioxide is the main driver of the climate crisis.
  • Blue Hydrogen – Same thing as gray, except 90% of that CO2 is stored underground. This process leaks methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Oil and gas companies like this one.
  • Green Hydrogen – Renewable energy is used to make green hydrogen by using electrolysis to extract hydrogen from H20. Electrolysis: it’s not just for hair removal anymore!
  • Pink Hydrogen – Electrolysis again, but powered by nuclear energy.

Blue hydrogen is, not surprisingly, the method that seems most likely to happen, in the U.S. at least, even though it seems like a pretty fake solution. Those oil bigwigs have a lot of power, and this method would allow them to keep most things the same. But is it worth switching if it doesn’t make that much of a difference?

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