The Invitation Was Lost In The Mail

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The U.S. will host a two-day virtual event with 30 world leaders today aimed at combating cyber terrorism. Guess who is not invited? Russia and China.

The Counter-Ransomware Initiative is a conference to collaborate on law enforcement and best practices to ward off malicious activities against governments. According to the administration, “Ransomware payments reached over $400 million globally in 2020, and topped $81 million in the first quarter of 2021, illustrating the financially driven nature of these activities.”

A U.S. spokesperson said that Russia and China could collaborate in the future but they were not invited “for a host of reasons.” Could any of them be the coordinated attacks that intelligence believes both countries have committed? Possibly but the Biden administration says that Russian President Vladimir Putin has made some strides in working against cybercrime in his country by taking “some steps.”

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