The Kids Call Me E-Waste For Short

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Good news for the planet: electronic waste has been declining since 2015. Bad news for WALL-E.

By electronic waste, we mean discarded electronics like printers, phones, and chargers. Many states have ramped up their e-waste programs to help consumers safely dispose of these products.

Products have also become smaller so the waste is less bulky and electronics are now “converged,” meaning that each device can perform the function of several devices. You don’t need a stand-alone camera or MP3 player if your phone can do that, right? Fewer products, less waste!

E-waste recyclers can re-use the rare earth elements in your devices if you dispose of them properly. Most electronics stores will take your old gadgets so be sure to ask before you take them to the trash can. Although Best Buy once charged me $60 to take an old monitor off my hands and I’m still mad about it.



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