The Pandemic Takes A Toll

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The stress of the pandemic is causing health afflictions you might not think about. Dentists are reporting that increased stress has led to a 70% increase in teeth grinding and clenching problems, leading to chipped teeth.

That is for people who did not necessarily have Covid. They are just super stressed about their pandemic lives. People who have had the virus are reporting long-term effects that doctors don’t really understand yet.

The founder of the Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain committed suicide recently because he had suffered from severe tinnitus after his Covid diagnosis. This is a sustained ringing in the ear that can drive people insane. One man killed his doctor for this diagnosis many years ago.

Studies show that 15% of Covid patients report having tinnitus. Another group is reporting problems with smelling up to five months after contracting the virus. Some say that things do not smell the way they are supposed to, such as coffee that smells like sewage. That could also be pregnancy.



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