The Problem With Gas Stoves

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There is a new movement to replace gas stoves with electric ones as consumers slowly come to realize how bad gas stoves are for human health and the environment. Yikes! 

Yes, yes, I love cooking on gas too. We have to put that bias aside to come to grips with this though. A recent study from Stanford showed that gas stoves leak methane even when they are turned off and pollute households with nitrogen oxides and other dangerous gasses. This is especially harmful to children as the toxins released into the air after cooking stay in the atmosphere for hours.

The oil and gas industry has been trying to keep this from us for years so that they could continue to sell you fossil fuels to cook. It got so bad that even their public relations firm dropped them because the industry is inexcusable. Many cities now outlaw new construction homes with gas stoves but it doesn’t help those who are stuck with gas cookers now.

What can you do if you can’t fork out for a brand new stove? Experts say you can put it on your radar for a future project but for now

  • keep the hood ventilator turned on for the entire time you are cooking and for some time after, even though it’s loud and annoying.
  • keep your windows open while cooking
  • invest in a really good HEPA filter
  • use your back burners so that the hood catches more pollutants
  • explore more alternative cooking methods like the electric air fryer and toaster oven

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