The Real Story of Brexit

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A litany of leaked emails from powerful people suggests that Brexit was a coordinated effort by powerful but invisible people with money. Kit Klarenberg, the reporter who published these emails, calls these people a “cabal,” which means a group of shadow actors pulling strings for their own political aims.

This particular group sought to undermine former British Prime Minister Teressa May and install Boris Johnson in her place with the express intention of aligning the U.K. with the United States and away from the less aggressive powers of the European Union. Klarenberg says that there is a real effort inside the U.K. to align itself with Washington’s war machine.

The emails show people who are not public figures acting to spy on opposition movements, kill campaigns that they don’t like and maneuver underground to get their way. They had power and they had the money to do it. Klarenberg calls these acts illegal and shocking but will the government do anything about it? Or maybe this is just the way of things now when it comes to politics? A scary thought.

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