The Tampon Shortage

Inflation, supply chain issues, the labor shortage… it’s all a bloody mess. Literally.

That’s right; there is a tampon shortage in the U.S. This has actually been going on for months, but menstruation is such a taboo that the news is only picking up on it now. Empty shelves and a marked decrease in donations are hitting people who menstruate where the sun doesn’t shine.

Procter & Gamble, which owns the biggest market share of period products, is apparently on the case. The company assured NPR that “the Tampax team is producing tampons 24/7 to meet the increased demand.”

When tampons do come back, they’ll be more expensive. Bloomberg reported that the average price for tampons went up 10% last month because tampon materials like cotton, rayon, fluff pulp, and plastic are in high pandemic demand for use in masks and other medical products. P&G hiked prices last year and they’re doing it again in mid-July.

Menstrual cups are great alternatives!

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