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Ukraine says that the city of Bucha was brutally attacked after Russian forces withdrew from the area. Russia says that was not them. What is the truth?

The Pentagon says it is not in a position to confirm or deny reports of the violence? Isn’t it though? Isn’t that kind of their position? Who should we ask then?

Even The New York Times remains skeptical of the story.

French President Emmanuel Macron said that “it was more or less established” that Russia did this. More or less?

While the Western world seems to accept everything that paints Ukraine in a positive light, there are omissions to be considered. Some journalists say that the Azov Batallion, an extremist neo-nazi group in Ukraine, has committed atrocities too but those conversations are omitted from the discussion. Fox News asked Ukrainian President Zelensky about it but then removed the video from its website. Why?

The mayor of Bucha declared his city liberated last week. He mentioned no Russian atrocities before the withdrawal so when did this happen?

Western leaders are calling for a war crimes trial over these accusations. Yes to this. Let’s investigate but maybe not call in the Pentagon or President Macron to help. We don’t want a “more or less” answer.

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