The U.S Vaccine Report

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The Kaiser Family Foundation is tracking U.S. vaccine sentiment in an ongoing research project, providing a picture of one country’s vaccine landscape. Here are some takeaways:

Most likely to be vaccinated:

  • Democrats (91%)
  • 65+ people (89%)
  • College-educated (83%)

Most likely to say they were definitely not getting vaccinated:

  • Republicans (26%)
  • 30-49 year-olds (17%)
  • White (16%)
  • Males (16%)

The younger set:

  • 49% of parents say their 12-17 year-old has gotten at least one dose, 13% are waiting and seeing
  • 16% of parents say their 5-11 year-old has received at least one dose, 13% have plans to, and 32% are waiting and seeing.

In total, KFF reports the country is 73% vaccinated. And boosters are on the rise, with nearly double the number of people saying they got the third jab in the last month. Three out of ten vaccinated Republicans say they probably/definitely won’t be doing that, thank you very much.

And our biggest WHAT?!: Three in ten unvaccinated people are confident Covid vaccines are safe for adults. So they’re waiting for… ???

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