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You may have Heard: Johnny Depp won his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard on Wednesday. He won every claim and was awarded $15 million. She won one claim and was awarded $2 million.

This case has been great fun for the Internet but has it been good for us? Has it taught us that some humans can bring out the worst in each other? Has it taught us that substance abuse can harm ourselves and the people we love? Has it taught us that men can also be victims of domestic violence? Has it taught us that some people are the wrong spokespeople for some issues? Has it taught us to distrust the media? Has it taught us empathy for both sides because there was such a display of unconscious behavior?

Or has it allowed us to feel better about ourselves because even the prettiest and most privileged amongst us deal with hard times? Have we used it like Ricky Lake talk shows to sell ourselves our own superiority?

I don’t know. It all went down like binge eating an extra-large pizza that I didn’t even want and now I feel thirsty and bloated.

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