These Trees Can Sing

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The Space Song Foundation is now a thing that exists, and it is trying to get its first “public art/science project” off the ground.

The project, dubbed “The Tree of Life,” combines data from Earth and from space using trees and a spacecraft. According to the project’s Kickstarter, “The trees and spacecraft will sing a song to each other continuously for centuries, and it will be recorded in real-time for 200 years. The song is formed by long-term data sets that describe the trees’ experience of life on Earth (light, soil moisture, and temperature), and the spacecraft sings a song describing its own long-term operational capacity (energy, velocity, communication bandwidth, etc.). The numbers in these data sets are translated into sonic frequencies and communicated between the trees and spacecraft via radio, so that ultimately, the trees and spacecraft sing a duet for 200 years.”

The “song” in the prototype is less musical and more feedback-on-the-mic, but it will be open-source, available for anyone to DJ-it-up (and available for scientists to study).

The first two trees to find their voices for this project are planned for New York and Los Angeles. The non-profit organization is led by artists and NASA Jet Propulsion Lab scientists, and it could be the future.

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