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Airlines in the U.S. may soon have to weigh passengers in order to account for cargo weight on flights.

New FAA rules require that “surveys should be done at airports representing at least 15% of an airline’s daily departures in the secure area of the airport (to ensure that connecting passengers are included) and should select passengers at random. This is voluntary and passengers have to be allowed to opt out, with airlines then selecting another passenger at random and not the person who is next in line.”

The old way of estimating flight weights is outdated because the average weight of an American human has gone up over the decades.

Oh man, this can go all kinds of wrong. Customers will be furious if they feel like they are singled out to be weighed, especially ones who feel fat-shamed. This will cause litigation. At least the rules specify that this must be done in private instead of like that awful weight guessing game at the fair.



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