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This sounds like snake oil but nevertheless, here is the story: Researchers in Brazil have found that viper venom can prevent the spread of Covid.

The study was published in a scientific journal called “Molecules.” The scientists injected monkeys with venom from the jararacussu pit viper and found that it was 75% effective at preventing the multiplication of Covid. The venom has a peptide that can connect to an enzyme of Covid and slow it down without hurting other cells, the scientists say.

They hope to test this in humans but have not said when or how they will do this. They caution that this is not a DIY curative.

“We’re wary about people going out to hunt the jararacussu around Brazil, thinking they’re going to save the world … That’s not it!” Giuseppe Puorto, one of the lead researchers, told Reuters.

Chances are, you wouldn’t be very lucky if you tried. The jararacussu is one of the largest snakes in Brazil measuring up to six feet long.

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