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Mental health experts are concerned that teenagers are self diagnosing themselves with mental health disorders on TikTok when what they really have is a case of normal confusing adolescence.

TikTok videos with the hashtag #borderlinepersonalitydisorder and #multiplepersonalitydisorder are disproportionately more popular than the actual conditions are, say mental health professionals. The National Alliance on Mental Illness says that only 1.4% of adults have borderline personality disorder but videos about it are far more popular than that.

This is tricky because how can you convince a teenager that their mood swings and hormonal changes are normal? And how can you be sure that they are? And if the diagnosis is not valid, how can you still validate what a teenager is going through?

TikTok says that it is trying to make changes to the algorithm so that singularly-focused content is not pushed to users in this way.

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