Topless In Ocean City, Maryland

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Are topless bans sexist? Let’s try to think like Europeans for a minute while we consider this.

Five women in Ocean City, Maryland have challenged the city’s topless ban in federal court. The ban says that only women are banned from going topless but men were not. Is that fair?

The city’s defense says that the ban is “an effort to protect the moral sensibilities of the beach resort.” City officials say that “the residents of Ocean City don’t want to see nudity, and they define nudity as including exposure of the female breast.”

But the city did not do any research or surveying on that matter. This just what they are saying of their own accord. Why is a female breast considered nudity but a male breast is not?

The plaintiffs claim that this is a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution. They claim that the ordinance uses “sex society ideology” against women.

FWIW, we side with these women. Free the breasts of all sizes, shapes and genders!



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