War and Speech

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Diplomatic talks between Russia and Ukraine are getting nowhere and so the fighting continues.

Russia’s demands include: formally ceding Crimea to Russia, recognizing the independence of pro-Russian areas of Ukraine and change its constitution to guarantee neutrality, which means end any discussion with NATO. Ukraine refuses so the aggression continues. More people were killed when an apartment building was bombed on Tuesday.

Meanwhile in the West, anyone who points out that the United States is not blameless in this conflict and that there are in fact American Biolabs in Ukraine is being called a traitor. Namely: Tulsi Gabbard. She has been critical of the Biden administration for its role in the war and pointed out that the State Department did in fact acknowledge Biolabs until recently. She points out that they are dangerous. Now there are calls for her arrest, calling what she is saying “Russian propaganda.”

The United States and Ukraine have acknowledged the presence of these labs and said that they are there to “prevent” biological weapons, not create them. She doesn’t say that they are there to create them. She says that they are there and contain dangerous pathogens and should NOT fall into Russian hands. Her opinion is that the labs should be shut down but the media doesn’t want her to say those things. So…arrest her!?

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