Where Did You Say You Got This Water?

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How do you feel about drinking your own filtered pee? Astronauts on the space station do it. They use a filtration system that recycles human urine and sweat into drinking water.

Now a company wants to take that same idea and bring it to Earth in order to deliver clean drinking water to the 2 billion humans that do not have it. The Danish company called Aquaporin A/S has developed an easier way to do this than the bulky and expensive system that astronauts use. They use a protein called aquaporin to filter bodily fluids for drinking. It is apparently so efficient that NASA is considering replacing their filtration with this system.

A lot of space technology has made its way to Earth: LED lights, solar energy, so why not this? Aquaporin is already working with water utilities to remove micropollutants and microplastics from wastewater. The company also has an under-sink filtration system that works without electricity and is currently available only in Europe.


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