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If your city has failed to fix its poverty and slum neighborhood problem, you could consult with economists and philanthropists. Or you could just wall them off so you don’t have to see them any more.

That is what was done in India this week for President Trump’s visit to Ahmedabad. Plans had the Presidential motorcade driving past poverty-stricken neighborhoods so city officials ordered a hasty wall to be built so that the President would not have to suffer the sight of them.

Behind the curtain

Residents said that green curtains are usually erected for world leaders’ visits. Perhaps this wall was a nod to Trump’s love of the saying, “build a wall”? Stray dogs, cats, and monkeys were also cleared from the area. Because they can climb walls.

Some 2,000 homes were obscured from view, which the city mayor attributed to security concerns. He also called this a part of the city’s “beautification and cleanliness drive.” I wonder if he knows that there are two sides of a wall and that things do not cease to exist when they are walled off?

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