White House: Second Stimulus Checks On The Way

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White House: New Stimulus Checks On The Way

The White House says a new stimulus is coming soon along with direct checks to the American people.

In the past 48 hours, the White House sent up three flairs indicating they’ve heard the siren song of American’s struggling to pay their bills. The first signal came from President Trump himself during an interview with a Scripps reporter.

Joe St. George: I have a lot of viewers in Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan who are still struggling economically, sir. They spent all of that first stimulus check. Are you going to get them a second stimulus check?

President Trump: Yeah, we are. We are.

The next flare came from National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow during an interview with FOX Business.

“I think the tax rebates or the direct-mail checks are on the table … There are a lot of discussions going on,” Kudlow said. “Probably, we would want to target those to those folks who lost their jobs and are most in need. All right, that’s the speculation on my part, but I think … that’s where it’s going.”

If that wasn’t enough, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, straight off lunch with Senate Republicans indicated a new stimulus is likely going to be highly targeted with incentives to get back to work.

The comments from Kudlow and Mnuchin come as President Donald Trump has expressed support in private for another round of stimulus checks, The Washington Post reported. Trump told aides the measure would both bolster his odds of winning reelection and strengthen the economy.

So now we have Trump saying “more checks” publicly and privately. Let’s have someone watch if he says it in his sleep too.

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