Why is Bill Gates Buying So Much Farmland?

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South Dakota Republican representative Dusty Johnson is calling for Bill Gates to testify before the House Agriculture Committee about why exactly he is buying up so much farmland in the U.S.

“Ownership of farmland matters, a lot. No one has been buying it up faster than Bill Gates,” Johnson told Fox News Digital. “He now owns 270,000 acres, making him the largest owner of American farmland.”

Conspiracies about Bill Gates usually get you made fun of on Twitter but, you know, that is a heck of a lot of farmland. Gates has advocated for Americans to eat less meat and eat more synthetic products. Are these purchases a part of this scheme or is it something else?

Bill Gates is known for his ability to see money in something and pounce on it at exactly the right time, even if wasn’t his in the first place. (For example: shrink-wrapped operating systems!) But does this mean he owes the American people an explanation or should the natural order of capitalism work that out for us?

I would like to hear a plan for all of this land, sure, but I don’t think a Congressional committee is going to do very much for us even if Gates does have a nefarious motive. My expectations are low but I am all ears.

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