Your Tax Dollars at War

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How much of your tax money is buying weapons? This is an uncomfortable question.

When the U.S. passed a bill to increase its debt limit, the budget included $13.6 billion in “aid” to Ukraine. It was sold to us as humanitarian aid but recent reports seem to show that most of it has been used for “lethal aid.” More than half of it was has been allocated to weapons and the build-up of NATO forces.

So then what about the humanitarian aid?

The bill does contain references to food and medical aid but not much. The State Department is supposed to take care of distributing this but there is no public accountability for it.

Why are we asking this question when Ukrainians are suffering? Because this same language was used to support Afghanistan and the U.S. didn’t really “aid” Afghanistan in the end, did it? Now is a good time to make sure the West is not flooding a country with weaponry to its detriment, especially when the majority of Americans do not support the war in this region.

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