You’re Such a Fungi

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Fungi–they’re just like us!

A new study shows that mushrooms could be talking to each other, using electrical signals to communicate.

The study analyzed patterns of electrical spikes in four different mushroom species. Researchers found that the patterns resemble vocabularies of up to 50 words with “fungal word lengths” that are a close match for our words. Split gills were the fanciest talkers.

What are they saying?

The study suggests that the mushrooms could be communicating “​​states of the mycelium and its environment.” (Mycelium = fungal network that grows mushrooms.) Researchers also think fungi chats could be a way for them “to transmit and process information in the mycelium networks.”

In other words, they don’t really know. They don’t even know for sure if ‘shroom talk really exists in the first place. These scientists could just be anthropomorphizing.

But wouldn’t it be cool if it was true?

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